The Band

Lavinia - vocals

Lavinia photoLavinia possesses a voice that instantly qualifies her as a genuine diva. Lavinia's vocal range is quite staggering both in pitch and dynamics. A true performer, her exciting stage presence, active audience interaction and looks add to the complete package.


Michael Curtis - bass / vocals

Michael Curtis photoMichael Curtis' is the bands musical director, and his dynamic playing and personality drive the rhythm section of the band. His backing and lead vocals are a real asset too.


Felix - keys / vocals

Felix photoFelix's keyboard playing drives the band with his rhythmic pulse and harmonic savvy. His backing and lead vocals are an essential element of PapaMengo's sound.


Simon - guitars

Simon photoSimon is a versatile and adaptable guitarist. Simon brings his jazz and blues influence together with his tight and funky rhythm playing.


Other Featured Artists

Richard Bailey: Drums. Rock solid and ‘always there’ in demand!
Tony Mason: Drums. Brings the saucy funk from down south!!

Other regulars include Wesley Joseph, Tim Cansfield, Matthew Phillip, Winston Delandro, Vanessa Haynes, Bob Cronin, Mathew Phillip, Dennis Davis, Michael Bailey, Michael McKenzie plus more………….