Booking Information and Advice

Booking a band requires a bit of thought and planning.

Stage size
The band requires a good sized stage or area in which to perform. For smaller events and for space restricted arenas, there may not be enough space for the full band. Approximate space required for the 5 piece band is 5m x 3.5m minimum.

Outdoor events
We require a stage marquee which gives cover overhead, to the rear and both sides. We do not provide this service, but please check with us to ensure that the you are providing shelter is adequate for our needs prior to booking. The marquee must be at least 5.5m x 4m and sturdily constructed with no gaps.

Ensure there are a minimum of 4 mains sockets are available close to the stage.

If your venue doesn't provide lighting, or it is not being orgainsed separately, we can supply a minimum lighting setup, or we can sub-contract or liase with you to arrange a suitable a lighting rig.

For larger venues and events, we require a sound engineer and PA system. We normally supply this as part of our service, but you may be arranging sound as part of your event already.

Setup time and sound check
The band requires significant time to setup, and an allotted time to do a sound check to ensure everything is working and sounding well balanced prior to event commencement. This can sometimes be difficult for more complex events, so planning is essential. If required, we can arrive earlier in the day to setup and get everything ready, but there will be an associated cost.

Band Size
The band consists of 5 members; vocals, keyboards, bass, guitar and drums. For smaller arenas and budgets we can perform as a 4 piece band (without guitar) or 3 piece band (without drums or guitar).

Extra instrumentation
For special functions such as weddings, or larger corporate events it may be desirable to add brass instruments trumpet, sax and/or trombone, which add a sublime touch to the musical experience.

Specialist caribbean themed events
We can provide a band for Caribbean themed events including steel pans/drums as an option for that special Caribbean vibe.

Acoustic set
For the more low key events, such as music to accompany a dinner or buffet, or high class musical entertainment for outdoor daytime events we can provide an acoustic set with or without vocals. This can be pop, caribbean or jazz themed.

We normally perform in smart casual attire, but we can cater for special requirements.

We require refreshments to be provided for band members at all events.

General Enquiries

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Booking Enquiries

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You can of course also call for a chat
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