Musical Heritage

PapaMengo bring a special vibe to every performance which is in great part due to the Ruiz brothers origins. Growing up in Trinidad, they were brought up as musicians from a very young age (their father being a professional), and were immersed in the wonderful melting pot of musical styles and influences which is a big part of Trinidadian culture.

For a country of little more than a million people to have created one thriving pop style would be impressive. For Trinidad and Tobago to have spawned three – calypso, soca and chutney – is remarkable. Trinidad's musical heritage is built on two solid foundations – its cultural diversity and its fundamental belief that nothing should get in the way of a party. ...Guardian "Music Blog" extract.

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A bit of Geography..

Unlike many of the other Caribbean Islands, Trinidad is situated on the coast of Venezuela, and is exposed to a wide range of latin and south american musical styles, as well as their homegrown calypso, soca - the faster cousin of calypso, and reggae.

Soaking up all these influences, Felix and Michael Curtis were performing from a young age, and the experience they gained, particularly playing at the major annual carnival, has turned them into seasoned professionals, not only as musicians, but as performers. Using all this experience to participate with their audience, they always generate a happy party vibe - bringing a carnival atmosphere with them where ever they go!

Every year, one or both of the Ruiz brothers go back to Trinidad to perform at the annual carnival, to re-charge their batteries and bring some of that carnival spirit back to the UK for their audiences to enjoy.

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Ruiz Brothers
with Jason Baptiste 2007